about steve


Steve Schlichtenmyer is a formalist painter and multimedia artist investigating the visual poetry within pure compositional relationships, especially color and scale, and how these are powerful carriers of personal meaning and content. Each image he creates is a milestone on his creative journey. Born and raised in California, he currently resides in San Diego. Well-trained in both studio practice and art history, he has explored a wide variety of materials and approaches, including figuration, photography, and computer-mediated art.

Steve holds degrees from Pomona College and Stanford University where he studied painting with noted American artists Karl Benjamin, Nathan Oliveira, and Frank Lobdell. He has exhibited in group and solo shows and has taught hundreds of studio foundation courses at colleges throughout Southern California. In addition to painting and teaching, during 2016 Steve published research that shows how learning preferences are connected to cultural dimensions and how this knowledge can help teachers deliver instruction that is culturally sensitive. During 2017, Steve completed a Master's of Education in Learning Design and Technology at San Diego State University.